Space Hospital Shoot  
We had another terribly fun weekend of shooting Space Hospital.  We shot much of the end of Season 2.  I can't wait for Season 2 to finally come out, there is so much great stuff that's going to happen in it.  It could be a while yet, possibly the Fall, before we see any of it.  Meanwhile, the reboots of Season One are still debuting (almost) weekly on Koldcast.

Amidst getting my hair done.

Another amazing coif from Melissa Anchondo.  My hair on this show just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Which seems totally right for my character.  I see her as the Mrs. Slocombe of space.

Just another fine example of Rob Poe's creativity in the making of his props.  He's amazing.

Cast members hamming it up.

Aaron Arendt makes a secret guest appearance as a cyborg.

Anne is tied up because she deserves it.  She knows what she did.

I am so excited that Tifanie is getting on board as a member of the hospital as well!

Being really honestly pregnant this time, it was pretty funny to discover that my costume actually fit better than it usually does.  I guess the pillows I have used in the past are way bigger than my actual pregnant belly.  Also this belly isn't square in shape, so that's good. I am so grateful that I'm getting to do acting during this pregnancy, especially with such lovely, creative, supportive people.  We have really become a great team and I love them.

In other (more important news), I have a new cousin born today!  Giovanni Singh Duran was born to my cousin John and his wife Komal this morning at 1 AM in Albuquerque.  I can't wait to meet him and am so excited that our babies will be so close in age!


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