Space Hospital Screening at Cinespace  
Last night's screening at Cinespace was so much fun! Here are some pictures (can't believe we forgot the good camera last night):
Here are the beautiful Anne Ford and me being interviewed by Koldcast TV anchor Stuart Papp.  We blathered about god knows what.  He was patient.

This is the picture that made me realize, "Oh. I am very pregnant-looking." A strange shock.

Series creator Robert Poe and producer Susan Stoebner discuss the show.

With lovely actress Mary Buckley and Rob.  My rad hair is thanks to the always excellent Bryan Cummins at Blue Velvet Salon.

I really adore this woman and love playing her rival onscreen. 

Nurse Ratknee hams it up on the big screen!

Great cast shot.  Rich Hutchman, Mary Buckley, Robert Poe, Anne Ford, and myself.

It was a really fun night, and great to hear live reaction and laughs.  It's always nice to get feedback and see enthusiasm for something you've been working on for so long (it's really our tireless producer Susan Stoebner and the amazing Rob Poe who has been in the salt mines with this thing, and I have to commend him for the way he is re-editing and freshening up the first season for Koldcast - congratulations). 


You look like you, just a you that is harboring and growing a prince baby! I think you look beautimous. <3

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