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I've been so busy. Went to Albuquerque again, filmed a wedding, working hard on music, and pretty much just have been going nonstop for weeks. A lil' acting update:

On Monday night, we had a reading for the new Space Hospital scripts for Season 2. We will be filming on Labor Day weekend. I am really excited about it. Everything is going to be tighter, smarter, and much more linear and easier to follow. This has really been a work-in-progress for them and I think they are headed in the right direction. Nurse Ratknee has some awesome plot development coming up. YAHOO!!!Here is a picture of some kind of mysterious dudecreature who will be showing up in the upcoming season.

Just as an FYI, to really know what's up with me on a daily basis, I can be found at @theEndless on Twitter. But further, I have created a new account solely for acting updates at @AdrianaRoze. If you want to know what is up with our music (which is a lot), please go to the Endless website and read our blog. So many ways to update, so compartmentalized! Hopefully all fun.


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