Space Hospital Promo Shoot  
It's hard to believe but after all this time, Space Hospital is still going and is ramping up to shoot a new season. Yesterday we shot brand new advertisement spots that will precede Season Two.
Forgive the unedited quality of these shots, I just wanted to get them up here as soon as possible.
What is going on in this mystery picture? That's between Ratknee and her heat ray.

Rob communicating his vision.

Oh, that lovable robot.

OK OK OK. SO. This was my first ever INTERVIEW for a show. This is for an entertainment show that covers web series. The interviewer was so nice and I...I mean...if only you could have seen the depths of my ridiculousness. OH WAIT, you TOTALLY WILL see. Fantastic.

Wait, what is this? Could it be an even MORE lovable robot has entered the picture? Modeled here by the glorious Anne Ford.

In September, we begin work on Season Two. I can't wait!


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