Hanging With My Padre  
My dad is in town. We went to go pick him up in Las Vegas where he was attending a conference. We got to see the Las Vegas production of Phantom, which was really quite good. I had much skepticism towards it for many reasons, one of which is A) It's the Vegas production, and B) It's shaved down to 90 minutes. But the cuts were really tight without compromising story and the talent was probably the best I've seen in the show since the early 90s (oh GOD saying that is depressing). I now feel less sad about them not calling me back for the show, however, as the Phantom looked like he was about 5'7" which meant the Christine was miniature. Oh, 5'10", you blessed/cursed thing! Great for seeing over peoples' heads, terrible for acting careers.

We got to stay at the wonderfully swanky and practically abandoned Red Rock Resort in what I do believe was the nicest hotel room I've ever seen. I managed to come away with my wallet in tact (Gabriella will be SO proud of me, I totally rocked the Rapid Roulette - and by rocked I mean that I broke even - this is a step up for me).

Dad's not feeling all that great, so we had to take it super easy, but I'm glad he decided to come back with us to LA. He got to visit us at our work today and attend a tour of the lot with Victoria and Carmelo, and it was cool to show them around. I like that he's getting to stay with us in our house, if even just for a couple nights. He hasn't been here in an extra long time and I just appreciate getting to be the host for a change instead of him always hosting us. I wish we had more time together but we must savor what we get.


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