I went to an audition today for the musical The Light In The Piazza, which is a show I have deep regret that I missed when it came out in New York. What can I say, I'm an idiot. I think at the time, musicals and I were going through a rough patch. But we are back together and learning about this show has been really wonderful. The score is complex, challenging, and lush. Listening to it tends to make me weepy, which is a wonderful thing to still be surprised and moved by a musical at this point in life when most of the latest crowd-pleasers are disappointing drivel like 9 to 5 (sorry, Dolly) and Shrek the Musical. Bluh.

Part of this renewal comes from hooking up with my old voice teacher from Albuquerque days, Kathleen Clawson. She is the best, most wonderful teacher I ever had. She essentially gave me a nice slap of reality and I left with a list of music I need to listen to and learn immediately. She is helping me find my post-ingenue roles and figuring out how to transition to being a mature soprano (extreme suck) and to not be afraid of my belt voice (yay). I have a lot to work on and catch up with and I am up for it.

I do hope I get a chance to do Piazza some day. I am pretty sure I am destined to play the mother in about 15 years. In the meantime, the Italian in me dearly wants a shot at Franca. Thank you, Adam Guettel, for writing such great roles for sopranos! Yay.

Speaking of Italian, we started Italian class yesterday at LA City College with probably the most hilarious and stereotypical Italian teacher you could possibly imagine. Hands a-flyin', arms a-wavin'! It's going to be miles of entertainment, just watching him alone. He spent an inordinate amount of time telling us about the ways Italians differ from Americans (Italians enjoy life and love! Italians can be late for work if they see a beautiful lady! Italians consider The Law guidelines and not unbreakable rules! Italians wear suits! etc). It was awesome.


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