Christmas and New Year's Eve  
A few pics from the holidays:

I brought the kids gifts from our European trip, so I had them get out the globe and find France and England.

Isabella got a Degas fan from the Orsay Museum.

We made our wishes on the magical Yule log and it made the fire change colors!

Ah, the sheer joy of it. I honestly think he was more excited about the box than the present.

Wearing my hip Sicily hat that my cousin brought me while double-fisting fudge.

This picture makes me giggle.

I think Julia liked her Gryffindor jacket.

Out in Moriarity. We brought both of our Dads berets from Paris. Look how cute!

Adorable Aunt and Uncle

Suddenly, snow came.

Friendling meetup downtown.


Frosty has been our Christmas mascot for as long as I can remember.

Bridesmaids luncheon at Bravo Cucina.

Beautiful Auntie

Caption this awesome picture of Hannah.

The lovely bride and her flower girl. This cracked me up.

Ellie surviving the biting cold as we explode Mentos in Diet Coke.

The third time was the charm.

Chuck and his girlfriend Muriel.

At the River of Lights. It was cold. Dead cold.

Painful cold. But perty.

If you look closely you can see Daniel caught in the light web.

Isabella running. I love this.

Freezing Parents!!

New baby due April 4th

I used to play with that same egg beater when I was her age. Weird.

Old doggy, new puppy. Sabrina with her new playmate, Eleanor.

What do you even say to this? When an ancient Toltec Glitter God comes to your New Year's party, you let him in!!

Sweet people, wonderful party.

My friend since what feels like the beginning of time.

People ended up rocking the Wii boxing. It turned into couples' death matches. It was awesome.

After a hard night of sparkling blueberry juice ingestion.

Welcome, 2009.

We had a heavenly weekend and are just now trying to get back to the business of our regular lives. Probably the most relaxing we've done in a few years. Chuck comes tomorrow for a visit, which will be fun. Is it next December yet? I want more!


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