Somniloquy Pre-Sale Begins Today  
(cross-posted from the Endless)

We are proud and excited to open our new music download store today! Download re-mastered MP3s from our previous albums or pre-order Somniloquy, our new album, and receive the following:
On January 13th by mail:
This special package is only $35 including shipping and is only for this limited time.

After January 13th, you will be able to purchase our physical CD on CDBaby or in digital form from the download store.

An important element of this new store is the "self-determined pricing" options that are offered. Please take a moment to look around the store, pioneered by indie artist Issa, and get to know the new system. You have the option to pay market price for a song, choose your own price, download as a gift from the artist, or "creative currency." If you have any questions or need help with the new system, please let us know.

We hope you love the new album!


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