Comfort and Joy  
I just have to share all these amazing links to stuff that have been bringing me so much joy in the last few weeks. These are all kid-friendly and great fun.

A BetaXmas - Christmas popular television from the 80s. So fantastic! In the short time I was watching, I saw a "One To Grow On" episode, "Christmas on Sesame Street," a holiday "Facts of Life" episode, and possibly one of the worst abominations, "Christmas in Pacland." This is such rad comfort food.

Wired's Top 10 Amazing Animal Videos - Take the time to watch every single one of these, they are all just amazing. Pet hippo! Hamster eating broccoli for the first time! Dogs and Polar Bears! Utter joy.

Wired's User Choices for Top 10 Amazing Animal Videos - Also wonderful.

Capuchine, the most adorable child on the internet, tells a magical story. And here's her letter to Santa!!! This child chokes me up, she is so awesome. I lost an hour watching other videos of her.

Good, now I can finally close these windows. Maybe.


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