Are We Dancing Now?  
I've started dancing again.

This is probably some sort of remark on my spirit, I'm not sure. It feels like it might be. I feel that light. Or it might just be that my favorite yoga teacher left the YMCA and the only class I could tolerate in that time slot was ballet.

Either way, I'm back in ballet. I take it twice a week. It was a rude shock, starting up again after so many years away. I think college was the last time I was really trying. Even though I've been taking yoga and pilates for several years, my body is like "WHUH?" I'd forgotten how much power is needed in the foot. Irrational, ridiculous amounts of strength in something so tiny. I am absolutely terrible at it, but it feels so wonderful. I actually look forward to the gym now.

David and I are also taking Ballroom Dance at the local city college. It wasn't exactly what we were expecting. We want to learn basic steps for fun. Instead we are being taught professional ballroom stances and are not allowed to look at each other or face each other when dancing. It's still really fun, however, and just the act of doing it together is magical. So far, we've enjoyed the samba the most.

There are so many negative tapes that get recorded in your head when you are young (and large) in dance class. I am re-recording them now. Re-inventing. Re-telling my story. I am allowed this. It's built in to the human condition to dance. I will take my own steps.


You are so beautiful. My heart grins for you.

By Blogger tifanie, at Tuesday, December 09, 2008 8:47:00 PM  

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