London, Day 1  
I'm going to post a day by day recount of our trip here, mainly because I'm not sure where else to post it. I realize I'm mainly doing this for my own sake so that in the future we can look back and remember the good times we had, but I hope you can enjoy a bit as well!

View from the plane. Rolling fields of green and sheep and cottages. We flew Air France and their coach class is a singular exercise in torture, with the exception of its food which was quite good. We left 8:30 PM Friday evening (Sept 19th) and arrived at about 3:30 PM (Sat the 20th).

We took the tube to our B&B, Barclay House, in Fulham. I HIGHLY recommend this place if you're stopping in London. Excellent food, the hosts are so kind, the neighborhood is an easy trip on the tube to all points in the city, and all for way under the price you'd pay at any hotel. So we checked ourselves in and decided to go have a quick look at the city, so we just randomly picked a tube stop and came out to...

...THIS VIEW upon exiting the station. Are you even kidding me? What a welcome! It was a brilliant moment.

The sun was setting and all of London decided to show itself off to us. We walked over the bridge to the South Bank, walked past the Eye, and watched the circus-like atmosphere enfolding along the Thames on a Saturday night. Food was everywhere, including an organic/local and sustainable food and crafts fair going on behind Royal Festival Hall. We were so bleary exhausted, but we managed to stumble into an excellent restaurant called Canteen, where we shared a mouthwatering shepherd's pie. It was a great way to start the trip.

And by that point we were so tired we had to get to bed. David had already entered the trip extremely exhausted from a month (well, much much more than a month) of a really heavy workload, and he was sort of losing his mind and saying he was feeling electricity bolts going through his brain. It was a little freaky. He said that it was the sort of tired that felt like he might possibly go mad and stay mad for the rest of his life if he didn't get rest immediately. I was practically carrying him home. But we made it, and we crashed hard, and by the time we awoke the next morning, David was human again and we were pretty much completely on London time schedule.

More to come.


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