In Memory of Kathryn Skatula  
Kathryn Skatula was a friend who was in Splendora with me. She passed away last week from ALS. It progressed shockingly quickly. Last month, I had the honor of reuniting with the cast and getting to sing songs from the score for her in her home. It is a memory I will cherish.

Here are a few pics of her from Splendora:I'm sure she would have appreciated me posting this picture looking up her nose.

Pretending to be happy for me.

When we went to her house last month, we sang a ton of songs and then at the end, she tells us (through her tubes and breathing apparatus) we didn't sing "Miss Crepe Myrtle," her song (it was a silly pageant winning song). So we jumped up and sang it like idiots, and afterward she looked at us and said, "I was just kidding."

God, she was so funny, I couldn't look at her onstage for fear of her cracking me up.

We were told that one of her last words was "cocktail." Nice.

Kathryn looking faux-horrified at our tomfoolery.

I went to her funeral on Monday, and all I can say about it is I hope I can be that inspiring, that loved, that cared for when I go. Her sense of humor, warmth, and grace stayed with her to the very end.


I am so sorry to hear this- she was a fantastic performer and it sounds like she was an even better human being. My heart goes out to you and al of her friends and family.

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