Friend Visitation Week!  
I went on a really fun audition today for a feature film. Did I just say fun? I think I did! My friend Anne was the reader, and that made for an instantly calm and safe atmosphere to work in. She and the directors were great and really put me at ease, which I always appreciate. It's always nice when you can actually enjoy the audition process. This is going to be a busy week for auditions, which is great.

I spent Saturday recording many, many songs for a vocal demo reel for a meeting today. My throat is a bit thrashed now, as I was doing several takes each (about the equivalent of performing three nonstop operas back to back), but it felt so great to sing all these musical theatre songs I cherish so much. We quickly mixed them, and I hope to make these demos available here on the site in the near future (as soon as I get to that long hoped-for site re-design).

This week has been great and will continue to be great as we are having several friends visit whom we haven't seen in a while. It started on Friday with Amani coming into town for the wedding of Erin and Nattan, which I will post about later with lots of amazing pictures. The wedding was swoony wonderful. It was just fantastic to catch up with Amani and have the old gang together again for a short while. The wedding was in Malibu, so we drove up the PCH yesterday and had a few moments to play on the beach before heading up into the hills to the wedding.

On Tuesday, Chuck comes into town for a short work-related visit, and then on Thursday, Gabe will be here for the weekend. Fun is guaranteed to be had by all. I'm really excited to get together with everyone. It's so great how we find ways to converge even after all these years. I love my friends!


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