Bar Tricks and Other Human Feats - Extended  
The sketch show that I've been doing all summer, Bar Tricks And Other Human Feats, closed on Aug 9th but is re-opening due to popular demand. We will be performing one additional weekend of the show Friday and Saturday, September 5th and 6th, at 10:30 PM at the Celebration Theatre. The show is being "re-tooled" with some cuts and some additions, so it won't be completely the same. I have no idea at this point in what way it will be different, but I can probably guarantee that some hilarity will ensue. It will be taut and fresh, like a delicious melon or some kind of unused rubber band.

Quick re-cap: This month has been nonstop busy beaver-ness, in the good way. Just a lot going on. Awesome friend visits galore. Also, I've had a good amount (for me) of auditions and have been attending a very informative and helpful casting director series of workshops hosted by Actors Equity, god bless 'em. The new album is coming along and we're still doing a lot of work on the packaging and marketing end of that whole thing.

The new term of my acting class began last night and I'm always amazed that the process always presents more hurdles to jump. There's never any kind of zenith you hit, it's just a constant need to exercise the acting muscle, like running laps.

Our French class officially ended last week, but husband and I are continuing with a CD class and a CD-ROM course as well. We are on the edge of understanding, I think, the basic stuff. I want to at least be able to try when we're there. There are a lot of shows I'm interested in auditioning for this fall but can't due to impending long trip to Europe, but them's the brakes of my high-falutin' lifestyle.


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