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We had a great 4th of July! The pool party was really fun. The barbeque took a little while to figure out as we didn't put enough coals in the chimney starter the first time, but then we totally went overboard the second time and had a TON of hot, hot heat that lasted for hours. Along with all the bbq items we had, our friends also brought delicious corn and marinated mushrooms for grilling that were amazing. We had a great panoramic view of fireworks from the roof and then had a rousing game of Loaded Questions, which is the best party game EVUH. The desserts were great too - Tifanie brought a chocolate bundt cake that was super rich, and I have to say, I think I made the greatest blueberry/blackberry crumble imaginable. I miss it already, it was so good.

The next day I had the best Girls' Day with Mary and Tifanie on an adventure downtown to the fabric district to get some fabrics for our upcoming photo shoot. It was amazing - just miles and miles of every fabric imaginable in every possible color and pattern. It's a cavalcade of color and sound and bustling humans and again, some hot, hot heat. David came to see my show on Saturday night and the audience was just super receptive and happy so it was a great night.

Yesterday, we finally got to meet up with our wonderful photographer Lauren and go scout our location for our photo shoot, which will be happening next Sunday, FINALLY. It has been a long, long road and I will believe it when it actually happens, but the elements are finally falling into place. It's going to be so much fun, and in the mean time we are working hard on developing a new and re-vamped website for the Endless that should be really fun and user-friendly and completely embracing the marriage of technology and music. The music side is done done done, and if everything goes according to plan with the design side, the album will actually come out in a few months. Things are coming along!


I'll believe it when I spend 5 sweaty hours in an old mansion with no A/C.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, July 07, 2008 10:47:00 PM  

it was a wonderful day. and your grill rocked. we should do it every couple of weeks. put that grill to work!

By Anonymous shawn, at Wednesday, July 09, 2008 4:34:00 AM  

I know, I was thinking that I don't want to let that grill just sit there. So really, that's a lovely idea and I'm all for it. PLUS...POOL!!

By Blogger adriana, at Wednesday, July 09, 2008 10:28:00 AM  

Oh, lord, did I ever just spend 5 sweaty hours in an old mansion with no A/C!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, July 14, 2008 11:49:00 PM  

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