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Last night I think I had a breakthrough in my acting class with the scene I was doing with my amazing scene partner, Anne, who also happens to be Nurse Barbara on Space Hospital. Something just fell into place. I did a lot more homework with the script analysis than I usually do, and what do you know, it actually pays off. I also had a lot of personal experience to use as a touchstone so it felt more alive than usual. I am grateful because I've felt really stifled and held back in the last few months, and it's always such a release when the energy starts flowing again.

A lot is finally moving forward, in fact, right now. I just signed the Hubby and me up for French For Fun 1 at the local community college. The prospectus says that we will "learn basic survival conversational French." That's what we need! Six Saturday mornings are going to turn us into French masters, I just know it. We will start wearing berets and carrying baguettes in our pockets (well, I will anyway, David isn't a huge bread fan BECAUSE HE IS CRAZY). We will also be filming a Making of Somniloquy video on Saturday, about which I will say little until it is finished, but I think it is going to be rad.

And then, yes, on Sunday, the big shoot. This kind of info on the band is going to start being blogged about over at the new Endless site when it gets going, so I'm going to be splintering things a bit going forward. This blog will take on a more acting news related focus and things music-y will go over there. Here is the VERY temporary link to the new Endless blog. If you are reading by RSS you will not miss a moment. If not, I'm sorry, it's another bookmark for ye.


What kind of person doesn't like bread? And you're taking him to Paris with you? Take me instead!!! I love baguettes.

By Blogger Lisa, at Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:41:00 AM  

I know, huh? Actually, lately, I've been converting him. Especially about toast. He used to HATE toast, and now he wants it all the time. BWA HA HA!

By Blogger adriana, at Friday, July 11, 2008 9:52:00 AM  

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