Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out  
This weekend was a panoply of varying experiences. They included: falling in love with Wall*E, opening a show, getting food poisoning, trying to install a new web store for our music and failing miserably, David getting a flu, popsicles, and very little sleep. What the fah.

Seriously though, Wall*E is lovely. And I did get food poisoning. And David did get sick, too. So we were a bundle of fun. We spent Sunday working really hard to make this new web store work and had a moment where we finally had to acquiesce and hire someone else to do it. That wasn't easy. We try to do everything ourselves, but this was just beyond our understanding. It is a set of really complex code that we are borrowing from Issa, because she is wonderful and is sharing her new music model with anyone who wants to try it. It's great but involves things our lil' minds don't want or need to understand.

We are trying to finish everything we possibly can for our album that doesn't involve the graphics, since we are STILL waiting on the rental of the space for the shoot. It's almost comedic at this point, as everything else is so very ready to go. We are still pretty zen about it, and accept that the album will come out when it's darn good and ready to come out. But GEEZ! Every day that passes is a day with no photo shoot, which means a day with no graphics, which means a day with no layout, which means a day with no CD order, which means a day with no website which means a day blah blah blah. Geez.

I had an audition this morning for a commercial in Marina Del Rey. I luckily got there early, so I was able to go down to the ocean and take some quick, deep breaths of ocean air before going to the call. It was a rare treat. I forgot how much I love that beach! There are surfers and pretty waves and the water is a dark green/turquoise. I am grateful for mornings like this.


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