I'm going to have to break these posts up into their respective events. We had the misfortune of misplacing our camera on the day of the wedding, so those pictures will have to come later when we gather them from other people. I served as videographer that day, so there is plenty of video, but few pictures. I can, however, show the rest of the trip.

On the first night, while us ladies went to a very nice bridal shower for Sarah, the boys went to GLOW IN THE DARK MINI GOLF WITH PIRATES. This is Dylan, the other groomsman. He recommended a pizza place to us that was so good.

The Lopez men getting their tuxes fitted at Mr. Formal.

Ma looking lovely with a necklace we got for her on Mother's Day.

OK, so on Sunday we went to David's cousin Lisa's house in McMinville. It was awesome. She cooked the most unbelievable Greek feast. I am still dreaming of it. We played games, talked for hours, and just generally had a wonderful time. (Edit: Here is Lisa's album of pictures from the wedding).

This, my friends, is Isabel. We are best friends. She is an incredible, amazing spirit. There's no words that do her justice. We are officially pen pals. I miss her. David played piano and she sang me a song about how excited she was that I came to see her at her home. How lucky am I?

Lisa with her beautiful Juliana, who is all smiles and love and laughter (except in this picture for some reason).

The family together

This is James with Isabel on Monday at the rehearsal dinner at Si Senor's. The food was yummy.

James and Sarah scored major parental brownie points with the gift of a beautiful picture collage of their children.

The bride and groom

This is Maddy, Lisa's eldest. She is smart, funny, talented, and supercool with an extremely developed sense of humor. We love her. She took a lot of pictures with her camera and we are HOPING SHE WILL SEND US COPIES HINT HINT.

This is Bridal Veil Lakes, where the wedding took place. It was gorgeous, set up in the mountains with a beautiful view of the river valley and filled with trees and grass and ducks and even canoes for boating!

I LOVE these two pictures of Chuck and Maddy exploring.

The rehearsal

There are only a few pictures we have from the wedding day, courtesy of Jessica the bridesmaid. I love this one.

The happy couple

And then...boom, here we are the next day, everyone happily hung over and waiting for leftover food and presents to be opened.

They got some great stuff!


This. This right here - this sums up David and Maddy's relationship.

This cake, this ever-lovin' cake, I miss it already. Lemon poppy-seed goodness, creamy light and delicious frosting. I'm genuinely sad I'll never get to eat it again. But I can always look at the pictures.
My full in-law family. I have a new sister!


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