A Tale of Two Cities  
My Aunt called me from the lower east side of New York yesterday. She is there on a trip with my uncle and cousin, and it was so great to hear the streets of the city honking and blatting in the background. I only just found out recently that the long-awaited 2nd Avenue subway line is actually being built. OH GADS, would that have been a godsend when we lived there. It would have stopped inches from our home. When I think of this, I kick myself again and again that we let our lease go on our apartment (91st and 2nd) instead of subletting it until we wanted to return. But this was not in our cards.

Aunt Maria went to Ellis Island and said she was able to trace some family that came through there. This is news since we were told our family never went through there. I am really looking forward to hearing more about this. I guess talking to her made me miss NY a lot because I had strange "escape to the city" dreams last night involving three heavy suitcases full of Oscar gift swag that was too heavy to get on any airplane. I was dragging and dropping and trailing things everywhere and trying to find a way to drive and just kept getting blocked no matter which method I tried. I was too weighed down by the Hollywood detritus.

Meanwhile, LA continues to be full of amazing wonders as well. There are endless things to do here in town, and since I've started reading LAist and LA Metblogs, I feel like the city has really opened up to me. I would never have heard about the poppy reserve and things like that otherwise. This weekend we checked out the new BCAM museum at LACMA. It was really interesting. The balloon dog sculpture (below) by Jeff Koons had me in hysterical giggle fits. How can you not love that thing? It's utterly ridiculous. We ended up spending many hours at LACMA, taking in art from all kinds of cultures and time periods. At the end, our brains and souls were somewhat fried, and I can tell you that balloon dog did make an appearance in my dreams that night. I was stuck in a room with it, forced to stare at it for what felt like hours.

This weekend we also got to have breakfast in Larchmont Village at Cafe Du Village, where a french pastry chef had parked outside the restaurant and was giving out samples of his macarons. Well, I will tell you, ladies and germs, this was the yummiest cookie I have ever tasted in my entire life. Almondy, creamy, soft and slightly crisped on the outside, this thing has it all. We bought two boxes and are still valiantly trying to get them eaten before they go bad. These cookies are worth throwing a party over. You have to order them six days in advance, because, as the chef said, they are very complicated to make. Fancy!

Then we walked through the Farmer's Market there at Larchmont Village, which was so lovely. There were piles of fresh "super sweet" strawberries everywhere sent purposefully to torture me, as per my chiropractor I'm not currently allowed to eat strawberries. What a cruel edict, seriously. It's something about how they are from the nightshade family and cause an arthritic effect in the body. Fie on it. I'm working aggressively on healing a very painful back injury at the moment so I will do whatever it takes. But I don't have to be excited about no strawberries (no eggplant, bell peppers or okra either).

We then made our way to the LA Zoo to use our badly ignorned yearly pass that's about to expire. A few lessons learned: don't arrive at a zoo an hour before closing. Almost all the animals are gone. Capuchin monkeys are cool. Vultures are incredibly large and creepy. It is easier than one would think to miss the closing time and security sweep and get locked into the zoo.

We have had time to do all these things because everything involved with the album is currently in other peoples' hands and we've had this small, golden window of free time where we are learning what it's like to have a weekend to actually relax and enjoy life. It's nice. Really nice.


D Roze was forced to leave New York because people there considered him eccentric and gauche.

I'm serious, D Roze. You're my new hobby. In the words of H.I. McDonough's boss Glen, "I pity you!"

Brian O

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, May 08, 2008 5:41:00 PM  

Uhhh...what were you doing in Larchmont without me?
Next time, I could stroll over and meet you...I'm just sayin'...glad you are having lovely times. You deserve a nice break. I love you.

By Blogger tifanie, at Thursday, May 08, 2008 7:22:00 PM  

T - It was very last minute, we happened to be there for massages at the super cheap and great Healing Hands nearby and realized we wuz hungry. I don't think I quite realized you were in strolling range. Nice hood!

Brian O...them's fightin' words!

By Blogger adriana, at Friday, May 09, 2008 3:59:00 PM  

Can you explain a bit more how not eating strawberries helps your back???????

By Anonymous Adam, at Thursday, May 15, 2008 6:22:00 PM  

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