C'est bon, c'est bon  
Yesterday was fun. The costumes were great. I was the "American student in Paris." My hair was pulled into a sharp ponytail tied with a ribbon and curled tightly in back. I foolishly forgot my camera but took a few phone pics which I will post when I get a chance to transfer them. The people were all very nice and interesting, and I enjoyed hanging out with my fellow background artists. The stars were very amiable and down-to-earth. I spent a fair amount of time with a mime who looked like Iggy Pop. We shot in an alley in downtown LA, which was made to look like a French street with an old Vespa truck and a lot of baguettes and red balloons.

Unfortunately, I don't think, in the end, that the scene is going to make it into the film, but we'll have to wait and see. They took lots of pictures of us in our cute Frenchy outfits, so maybe we'll make it to the DVD extras.


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