With Apologies To All Real Cellists Everywhere...  
I just booked two days on the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement for next week. It's a sitcom with David Spade. Ahem. I will be faking playing the cello in some kind of wedding or swanky scene. It's not a speaking part. I had to go to an audition today where we faked playing in a quartet. A PAID AUDITION. Because musicians, unlike actors, don't show up for free. Luckily, I happen to know someone who owns a cello. They had us sit on the set (over at Sony Studios in Culver City) and fake playing our instruments along to a track. The track, instead of being something simple like Pachelbel's Canon, was a nutty, chatty, jabbery Hayden piece that required all kinds of finger flabbin' that I was utterly unable to do. I sat there bowing with my right hand and my left hand barely moved. There were two other male cellists there who clearly knew how to play and faked it beautifully. Instead they hired me, because I am a girl. YAY, no Y chromosomes!! So, next week I will go and share with you my lil' adventures (if there are any - the only adventure that really happened today was that the leather strap finally broke on husband's cello case, which meant I had to lug the thing with both hands for a LONG walk and...well...it hurt).


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