Ladies and Gentlemen, The Oscar Party 2008  
It was a really lovely party this year! We had some great food entries (we have a contest for prizes that involves bringing a dish themed on a nominated movie). All of it was delicious. I think this all started because several years ago in New York I decided to make John Malkovich's Brain meatloaf when watching the Oscars (Being John Malkovich was nominated that year) and it sort of took off from there.

Most are self-explanatory but I'll caption anyway:

American Gang-Stir Fry

There Will Be Blood Orange Juice


La Vie en Rose Pie

TRANSFORMING Optimus Lime/ Key Prime Pie. Hilarious.

I made Ratouille. I will have to keep working on the recipe.

Couldn't help but serve some of Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies with Blood and Guts Dipping Sauce.

DELICIOUS Into the Wild Greens Salad

We had a tie for first place: I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE! FONDUE-STYLE!

And the marvelous and delicious: Macaroni and Cheesetern Promises. Brilliant.


who brought optimus lime? i want to marry that person.

By Anonymous shawn, at Tuesday, March 04, 2008 6:19:00 AM  

That was the hilarious Aaron Arendt of Maron Studio fame.

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, March 04, 2008 9:36:00 AM  

Yes that brought tears to my eyes.

By Anonymous ch3lk, at Tuesday, March 04, 2008 9:59:00 AM  

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