Easter Sunday  
Well friends, we had a great three day weekend and managed to finish all principal recording work on the album. We've now just got lots of mixing and adjusting and tweaking and twiddling to do, to make it sound good. The time draws nigh!!!

We had a really lovely, calm Easter. Because we got so much done in the preceeding two days (and because our brains were fried), we decided to take the day off. We went to a nice service on Saturday night, and then Sunday we had brunch with these two lovebirds:
Then Husband and I went to Griffith Park, which was NUTS INSANE PACKED like I'd never seen it. The weather was gorgeous and we did manage to find a little spot of grass and stared at the sky. Then we took a ride on the beautiful, decrepit old carousel, which was so nice:
Then Victoria and Carmelo came back to our place for board games (I whipped them all at Scene It, thank you very much).

So, to our surprise (and possibly theirs), Daniel and family took the train from Albuquerque last night and are arriving today for fun n' Disney. So tonight we are going to try meet up and possibly see Wicked and just generally Fun It Up. Hooray!


I really like Victoria's platinum hair, your pretty dress, and I AM DANCING AROUND HAPPILY WAITING FOR SOMNILOQUY'S GLORIOUS ARRIVAL

By Blogger Ashley, at Thursday, March 27, 2008 3:28:00 AM  

Yeah I guess we do look cute!
:)Fun times!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, April 22, 2008 2:08:00 PM  

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