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Man, I'm in a mood. Let's talk about repetitive comedy. This is where a joke is presented, it's funny, it's presented again, you think "ok, still funny," it's presented a third time, you're no longer laughing, it comes a third and fourth time, your brain starts shutting down, and by the fifth time your sense of absurdity kicks in and you can't stop laughing.

This morning I was laughing so hard (and trying to supress it so hard) that a co-worker who sits quite a distance away came over worried because she thought I was sobbing. I had been watching this, which Gabe had shown me last month in San Francisco:

You really have to take it in and watch the whole thing. It's what is known as a "slow boil." That need to let a joke wash over you reminded me of this:

Which is a little funnier in the context of what came before. But that in turn reminded me of what might possibly the funniest Mr. Show skit ever ever ever. And here's the thing. People either get it or it falls utterly flat. But that is the joy of repetitive comedy.

Utterly absurd, simple, ridiculous, and painfully, painfully funny. I just wanted to share.


The..thimbles...oh...god. Thank you. I miss you. Come on, next weekend!

By Blogger tifanie, at Saturday, February 16, 2008 9:30:00 AM  

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