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I spent my Saturday reporting back for duty at Space Hospital (YES, Uncle Don, MORE with it). It was so much fun. I loved getting to re-visit Nurse Ratknee and learning more about the universe we're operating in (literally! and figuratively!). I didn't take any pictures because I am a dummy but I will try to take some when we shoot again next Saturday. In the end, I think we will have eight or nine episodes? I can't quite remember. Ratknee is still grumpy and still pregnant, just how I like her.

We spent a bit of Sunday weathering torrential rain and rainbows to see our wee godchillen up in Santa Clarita. It was sweet. I hung out under a blanket fort. Pictures to follow.

Music is moving along. We've taken an assessment and it looks like we are a lot further along than we thought. David made some unbelievably pretty sounds this weekend. Swoony sounds. The songs are no longer amorphous swamp monsters. They're more like skeleton creatures now, trudging out of black lagoons into murky moonlit graveyards, waiting for flesh and the light of day. How's THAT for a metaphor?

Speaking of monsters, we had a fun brush with the Cloverfield monster this weekend as well. Poor New York, always getting a beating. I find it a bit macabre. *SPOILERS* Please tell me how a girl in high heels can walk from Spring Street to 59th Street on subway tracks and not be bleeding like a stuck pig. Not that I'm expecting realism here, people. If you are puzzling over some stuff in the film, take a gander at the ridiculously detailed FAQ at IMDB. It will make your head spin with the nerdlinger-ness. My co-worker had the absolute BEST idea for a sequel for this film and I will be so mad (and bored) if it is done any other way.


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