Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!  
Before I delve into 2008, a final look back at Christmas 2007:

I will start by wishing Dad a very happy 70th birthday today. We had a cake on Tuesday to celebrate, but I still wish I could be there today as well.

Here is our apartment and our beautiful little Christmas tree, just before we opened our gifts to each other.

Now on to Albuquerque and Christmas Eve: Gabi and Paul, so photogenic.

Beggie and Little Miss H, being adorable

Aunt Maria and Christina making the cannoli!

Sister, seen here wearing the awesome matching necklaces that our niece made for us.

I too am wearing the necklace. So sweet! Husband with new glasses, looking good.

Christmas morning in Moriarity.

Joel, Ashley, and niece playing the hit game of the trip: Crokinole!! David's dad made the board himself. Many hours were spent playing it. Many hours.

Freezing Egyptian Princess

Ma in the warm light of New Year's Day

Lil' nephew and sippy cup

Sis-in-law with Pa, probably discussing Wii Bowling.

Did I say Wii? That's right! The Rowes got a Wii and it was a big bowling festival. Here's lefty Shannon in action.

Beautiful New Year's Baby

Nephew is growing up. I got to watch him and his sister at their piano lessons. It was so wonderful.

Brother about to be beaten at bowling by his children who were rolling 220s.

Cleopatra and a New Year's tortilla.

I didn't get a ton of pictures this time. I tended to forget my camera. But it's a glimpse.
There was lovely, desperately needed rain all weekend long that kept everything cozy and contemplative. Tonight we play our first gig in a year and a half. It'll be simple, acoustic. Getting back into the swing.


I look cranky because I was so bad at that game!!!!!

I wish i could be there to see the show tonight. I love you guys very much.

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