Attending the Tale of Sweetie Tanya  
We just got back from a lovely whirlwind trip this weekend to San Francisco to see Sweetie Tanya, the musical for which we wrote a song.
First stop, Gabey! We met up for delicious Thai food at a place near our hotel (Serrano Hotel, very nice, very affordable) downtown. Then it was off to the theatre to see the show.
Here's Dan Wilson, the director/creator of the show, with hubby. The show went really well! So well, in fact, that it is moving to a larger theatre for a longer run starting in May. Who knew? Apparently it is also going to be filmed for a public access and DVD release. The lovely actress singing our song really belted the heck out of it and gave it all her emotion. It was such a beautiful moment to experience that. It is really an intoxicating feeling, watching others perform your work. I love, love, love writing for the theatre, and I really want to do more.
And now on to requisite touristing. We walked EVERYWHERE. We walked HARD. We walked and walked and walked and it felt SO GOOD to walk. I miss the walkability of a city very much.
So, on Monday we were waiting for the bus to get to Haight Ashbury, and instead of a bus, a big parade/march came by, so we decided to join it instead.
We ended at the City Hall, and then made our way over to see Gabe at Amoeba. It was really nice. We shared a lot of great food and funny videos and political paranoia theories and hard laughter together. Very, very good times.


Sounds like a wonderful SF weekend. Hope to share that city with you sometime!

By Blogger tifanie, at Thursday, January 24, 2008 7:08:00 AM  

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By Blogger tifanie, at Thursday, January 24, 2008 7:08:00 AM  

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