You Touched My Hand, I Felt A Force  
The Tori concerts this weekend were kabowza some of the best I've ever seen her do ever. Saturday night in Anaheim ended up being one of the best shows we've experienced in all our years of seeing her. David mustered all of his strength and made it down there, and it's a good thing, because we were treated to a shockingly small venue where we staked out a great spot and watched the fireworks fly. We got to see Pip AND Santa and then Pip even did an encore (it's ok if you don't know what I'm talking about, but it was rad). This woman is just not slowing down. She was absolutely on fire and the most intense I've seen her since the mid 90s.

Unfortunately, on Sunday David was just worn out from the previous night and his ears were just killing him from the sick, so he had to miss the show at the Nokia. He was so sad. I was so sad. So Victoria scored again. Our seats for that show were not great, pretty far back, so there was more of a separation, and that place is huge, but the sound was pristine. We were sitting right in front of the sound board, so it was an aural wonderland in that sense. Isabel and Pip did a double show.

I have been so hyper and inspired from the last week of concerts, I feel like I'm floating. It was with that force and optimism that we released our Holiday Single on Sunday and revealed the title of our upcoming album: Somniloquy. The single is two songs from the album: Lit From Within and Hunt For The Heart. It's so strange to put them out there, all by themselves, to brave the world. I think they're ready, though, to meet new people. It's such a fragile, beautiful moment when you open your hands and watch these little songs flutter and fly for the first time, after protecting them for so long. They're no longer mine, they're part of the collective now, which is where they came from. Issa was saying something to this regard at her show, that once you create a piece of art, it cannot be un-created. The thought is almost dizzying. In a time of such destruction, all I can do is send my little creations out as offerings to the void.

There is so much to create and not enough hours in a lifetime to do it all.


Interesting to know.

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