We're Getting A New Deal For Christmas This Year  
Last night I did a play reading at the Celebration Theatre, and man, was it fun. I was a drag queen of sorts (a role I seem to keep getting, what does that say about me?), and I really got some fantastic laughs. It was a great, giddy feeling, and one I'd like to chase. Even though inherently I am a dark, dramatical gothic chick, I think the last ten years of my life have turned me into someone who loves and pursues the laugh. I definitely have Husband to thank for that.

Broadway geekout moment: Seeing Wicked with Victoria on her birthday was really fantastic. We ended up winning two tickets for her for the first row, so she and her friend were able to sit extremely close. I have really serious misgivings about the show itself. It is fatally flawed and masterfully sucktastic in parts and pretty much spits in the face of the book, but it didn't seem to matter in the wake of the two leads' absolutely astounding performances. I was blown away to the point of breathless at their talents. Eden Espinosa as Elphaba completely embodied everything that the role should be, and what impressed me the most is this girl is several years into doing this role, and it was just an ordinary Thursday night, and we still got what felt like an opening night performance. I really, really respect and admire that. And the Glinda was equally as talented and hilarious, and she was an understudy! Most importantly, Victoria had a great night and that made it magic.

In the midst of working very hard on music and acting this weekend, we also had some fantastic laughs with The Friends and board games and funny plays, and tonight Mikey is opening a play, and this weekend starts a marathon session of music which I will explain in a later post. Plus it's Christmastime, and we have a pretty little misshapen tree, and so this is how I feel most of the time lately.


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