Communion with the Goddesses  
Tomorrow starts for husband and me what we can only consider the Perfect Storm of concert performances. When I saw it coming months ago, I thought, "this is impossible." But it's here, it's really happening, and I am in heaven.

The blitzkrieg starts tomorrow night with three nights of Issa (formerly Jane Siberry). Friday night at McCabe's, the other two nights at the Knitting Factory. Seeing Issa is a deep and moving spiritual experience. She is probably the person I most admire and wish to emulate in this life. Her gentleness of spirit, compassion, and commitment to material simplicity are inspiring. Her songs have brought me through many dark and bright times and it was her music I sang to my mother when she was ill. She is also an innovator in the online music world, being one of the first to offer all of her music in a pay what you can structure. She encourages anyone to download anything they'd like, and just sent an email happily asking people to share her Christmas music. So here's a couple nice, relaxing, non-saccharine songs for you from a live concert album:
The Valley
Wildwood Carol
Maria Wanders Through The Thorn
If anyone wants to join us for any of these shows, please let us know. They will be fantastic.

Then, on Wednesday night, Bjork brings her singular brand of brilliance to the Nokia LA Live theatre. Through possibly the best luck I've ever ever had with Ticketmaster, I have ROW B TICKETS to this show.
It is sure to be an unforgettable sonic experience. The new LA Live downtown is supposed to have fantastic acoustics and I can't think of a better way to experience the complex, intricate work that Bjork produces. David and I plan on getting really swankily dressed for this event. I'm not sure what to expect but I'm sure it will be big and strange and arty and cool. That's her way.

Then, next Saturday night and Sunday night, Tori Amos comes to Anaheim's Grove and LA Live, respectively.I'm pretty sure any of you who know me know she's my favorite artist. This tour looks to be very different and interesting, more performance art-based, as she does half of each show as one of the Dolls from her current album, then half as "herself." I'm pretty sure I know which Doll will show up for LA, but Anaheim is anyone's game. This is supposedly the last time Tori is going to tour on this scale for many years, so I'm really looking forward to ending this amazing year with her.

I don't know why I'm so lucky that I get to experience all this, but I'm going to suck the marrow out of every minute of it. Soon I'll be performing my own songs again, and a bit of that inspiration from these amazing ladies will burn through me. You'll see.


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