The Best Laid Plans  
You can't ever predict life, which is what makes it beautiful and exciting and quick and bizarre and confusing and lovely. I did have a lot of plans for this last week but if there's one thing I've learned in the last few years is you have to be flexible.

Just minutes before going in to see Issa's first show last Friday night, David learned that his Aunt Francis had just passed away. It made for an intense evening. The show was heart-rending and powerful. By the time we'd gotten home, David came under the icy grip of Round Two of flu. He was Knocked. Out. He missed Saturday and Sunday night of Issa and also missed Bjork on Weds night. We also missed a Christmas party last night. He is only just now coming around and getting back to work. I've missed the sparkle in his eyes. I'm also having deja vu while I'm typing this. I'm hovering at 20% under the weather and fighting it with all my might. Airborne and Zicam are my friends.

I'm especially sad that David missed Issa on Sunday night (I ended up going and taking my sister), because she mentioned the Endless onstage. She said that a band called the Endless was in the audience and that we're from LA and had people heard us? Etc. David's eyes would have popped out of their sockets. So, in that sense, maybe it's better he missed it. She is the best. I love her so much. There's no way to impart how much.

I took sister to Bjork as well. She is profiting from David's misfortune. In a totally compassionate, loving way. But still profiting. We're laying bets about Saturday night's Tori concert. For Bjork, I took the subway downtown to the Nokia Theatre, and it was a pleasant, easy ride, and way better than paying $25 to park. If you live near a transit hub, I highly recommend it.

Bjork's show was nuts, in the way that only Bjork can do nuts. We had ridiculous 2nd row tickets so every facial tick was registered. She tripped and skipped and danced about like the nordic sprite she is. She had a brass band comprised of Icelandic teenage girls who brought a wonder and excitement to the proceedings, and a team of electronic musicians making noises that were jaw-droppingly gorgeous. They had all sorts of beautiful electronic thingamajigs that showcased just how soulful a drum machine truly can be.

And now Chuck is in town and staying with us for a short time, so we must gather up whatever strength is left in us and marshal our resources for the greater good of fun-loving, loving fun. Or possibly just more sleep. I am not fixed on outcomes. I am a hollow reed. But that hollow reed is not missing Tori on Sunday.


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