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Well, I'd LIKE to be able to post some pictures here of Halloween, but for some reason I've been unable to upload any pics the last few days. It's coming, as soon as I figure out what's wrong. So I'll wait to report on that.

In the meantime, the view from my office window is grim. Writers line the street with picket signs. They are on strike, and it could be a long time (predictions are anywhere from two to nine months) before the situation is resolved. This is a very tense situation for everyone, as this could cost a lot of people their livelihoods (people I know are already losing their jobs because production is shut down). In the meantime, I won't cross the picket line to go to the lot for lunch. SAG has suggested that if we have to cross the line to volunteer a little of our time to picket with them.

I don't see this resolving until at least the new year. How awful for everyone involved. If you need help understanding the situation, this video clarifies everything beautifully.

So, October in my home is Scary Movie Month. We didn't get a ton of viewing accomplished due to life and being extremely busy and stuff, but here's what we did see:

The Company Of Wolves - very early, very weird film from Neil Jordan, a darker look at the Red Riding Hood myth. Husband fell asleep.

Shaun of the Dead - We finally saw it. At the risk of being crucified by all you fans out there, we loved Hot Fuzz much, much more. I mean, both were great, but I think it just depends on which one you saw first. This movie felt like it was 20 minutes long to me. I wanted a lot more. I think after you've experienced the over the top insanity that is the last 15 minutes of Hot Fuzz, it's hard to go back. But both are really great.

Double Feature: The Omen and The Reaping. Both tales relating the the deep terror of children and their possible demonic underbellies. I'm wondering just how many more horror movies can be made in which people clumsily misinterpret the Book of Revelation. Probably plenty!

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Holy Edward Scissorhands, I had no idea this film would be so very beautiful, and be so very influential to so many (*cough*TimBurton*cough*). Cesar the Somnambulist is one beautiful image I can't get out of my head.

30 Days of Night - WOW. We went into this knowing nothing, not even having seen a trailer. We loved it. A great, great vampire story, with really a really ingenious premise, and genuinely creepy looking vampires. Fantastic.

And finally...The Evil Dead. Now here's the thing: I don't get scared in scary movies, in general. There might be like one image where I shiver, but mostly I'm just waiting and taunting a movie to scare me. I'm pretty much bored. So I never could have guessed that this stupid, completely ridiculous movie would end up making my skin crawl. And I do mean stupid, friends. This film is gooftastic, and is really not meant to be scary in the traditional sense (I don't think). But something about the relentless way in which the zombies WOULD NOT DIE reminded me of dreams I've had. I'm pretty sure I dream about things that will not stop no matter how much you smash them and chop them up and then gushy corn and pus still eminates from their orifices. Anyway, the least likely candidate for scaring me actually won. Good job, Sam Raimi. I will rent the sequels.


Caligari is the height for the most part of German Expressionism, and has influenced everything from Burton films to Batman animated series. It's beautiful.

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