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This was a really full weekend, working on music and the holiday single and investing in music and working on acting and opening emotional veins in acting class. I've just been assigned a scene from the play Proof, and I'm excited about that. On Saturday, I will begin shooting a short film tentatively entitled Butter in which I play a business woman who has witchy and sinister motivations for befriending a co-worker.

David and I had the good fortune of getting to see The Swell Season perform again on Saturday night, this time to a much bigger crowd at the beautiful Wiltern theatre. Their audience just keeps growing, and I really, really hope they get an Oscar nomination for music because they actually deserve it. David pointed out that maybe there won't be an Oscar show if the writers strike goes on. He has a point. Awards season could be totally ruined. The Golden Globes are in January already, and I highly doubt the strike will have ended by then. How great would that be if the stuff was just handed out via phone call or something? "Guess what, you've won. We'll mail it to you."


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