The only thing spooky about this Halloween is that I am in bed with a lower back injury. YAY ME! I was pinning some stuff up at work and kaboom. That is the lamest reason to hurt one's self. I'm not sure what the problem is, exactly, but it sure does hurt, enough that I realized I really couldn't sit all day at work in a chair. I'll be going to a doctor tomorrow, as it's already been two days and it's still hurting a lot.

One thing you must never do when you have a health problem is go to the internet. While it is a font of knowledge, you probably know that it can also drive you mad. I'm not even going to repeat the seeds of evil it has planted in my head. The weird thing about being home with this kind of sick is that I'm not sick in the proper sense, so I just feel...alert and strange. I can't sit up enough to work on music, so I'm in bed with laptop. I am aware that you shouldn't have too much bed rest after a back injury but the thought of a chair right now is...ick.

I hope you are all being suitably spooky today. Show me your costumes! David and I dressed up for our office party yesterday. I will post a picture tomorrow.

Anyone have any nice suggestions for back injury relief? I am already doing the following: Aleve, Skelaxin (muscle relaxer), alternating heat and ice compresses, topical Traumeel ointment, Zyflamend capsules. I'm guessing there's not much more I can do, short of going and getting an x-ray tomorrow. SpoooOOOOOooooky!


Hey! Oh yeah, once you go online for an injury like that, your mind and imagination are no longer your friends. When I was laid up a year ago I learned to avoid all medical sites on the internet, because like everything on the internet you primarily get the opinions of the (sometimes sane-sounding) lunatic fringe.

BTW I sent you an email yesterday or so but I don't know what address I used. :)

Feel better!

By Blogger Donald, at Thursday, November 01, 2007 3:29:00 PM  

Yes, the internet medical sites can be EVIL. When I was pregnant with Juliana and there was something on an ultrasound I spent six weeks in extreme stress because of that kind of reading.

By Blogger Lisa, at Friday, November 02, 2007 9:44:00 AM  

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