So, as you may or may not know, I've been out of town working on a play with my friends the last few weeks. We went to Philadelphia to perform Acts Of Sedition, which we all wrote together and which was produced by my two amazing ladyfriends, Tifanie and Natasha. It was a great experience. The idea started exactly a year ago, when we were all sitting around together, and somehow it actually came to fruition. Below are just a few pictures of the proceedings. There are many more here, here, and here. I have many, many more. I am trying to get everything uploaded to my Flickr page, so I'll link it when that's done.

After a couple weekends of rehearsal, we prepared for our journey with a night of karaoke in Lil' Tokyo. Gabe and Mikey croon it out.

They tried to make Tifanie and me go to rehab, but we said no, no, no.

You ain't seen anything in life until you've seen Mary do karaoke.

Here we have the props that make up my scene: a gun, a rope, and the Constitution.

City of Brotherly Love apparently has big statue to let you know. I stood there taking this picture and listened to a very dumb girl be very surprised when her boyfriend pointed out to her that the sculpture actually spelled something. "Ohhhhh...NOW I see it...L...O...V...E!" I was aghast in disbelief.

Hopefully self-explanatory.

Very old bones lie here, including unmarked graves of Native chiefs who came to Philly to sign peace treaties and were killed or died from smallpox.

On my birthday, the cast gave me these beautiful flowers.

Tifanie in her burqa backstage, looking beautiful.

Portrait of my 33rd birthday, spent with friends, doing what I love best.

Trio of trouble

Outside the Society Hill Playhouse, the gang is gathered waiting to perform.

Gabe preparing to eat Natasha's head.

Devilishly stylish, that M. Holmes.

Flying home after an amazing journey.


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