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Last night we saw Rufus Wainwright perform Judy Garland at the Hollywood Bowl. It was sort of a surreal, self-referential evening and not knowing the original recording, I didn't feel I was always in on the joke. I could feel that it was an important moment for a lot of people, though, and we had such a great time. Rufus' voice was completely trashed about half way through the show but he plowed forward. The real revelation for me was hearing Martha Wainwright perform for the first time. HOLY WOWZA. I am totally in love. I feel really lucky because I get to see her open for The Swell Season in November, so I'll get another chance to take her in. A nice review of the show is here.

Speaking of not being in on the joke, we saw Across the Universe on Saturday night. It is a visual feast. It is so beautiful to look at. I really wanted to be moved by it more than I was, but I think in the end I don't have a strong enough relationship with the Beatles. However, I love Julie Taymor and her vision so much, and the spectacle more than made up for the plot.

This was a great weekend of creativity, with a really intense acting class followed by two days of songwriting/mixing. Something beautiful is starting to take shape.


I LOVE Martha Wainwright!
Ashley | 09.24.07 - 9:38 pm | #

Did Martha sing Stormy Weather?? That's what she did at Carnegie Hall, and it made me shiver~
Mimi | 09.25.07 - 4:07 am | #

She did, and also Someone To Watch Over Me. They were gamazing.
a | Homepage | 09.25.07 - 9:38 am | #

I'm always surprised about you not knowing The Beatles. There is a good reason why they're cited as being the most influential band of the 20th century and perhaps in the entire history of rock'n'roll. I didn't really "get" them until late high school when I listened to Sgt. Peppers. If "A Day in the Life" doesn't turn you around, nothing will.
ch3lk | 09.25.07 - 10:22 am | #

It's not that I don't know them, I just said I don't have a strong relationship with them. I like and even love certain songs a great deal. I fully understand their place and importance in rock history and respect them highly. I think anyone would be a fool to not recognize that.

I just don't tend to take them to my pillow at night. We aren't close. We're more like neighbors who seldom meet, but it's always interesting when we do.

That being said, I have an album of The Chipmunks singing The Beatles that is hye-larious.

I think you'll need to see the movie to see what I mean, though, about not being moved. I wanted total emotional devastation. It's filled with so much amazingness and promise and ...well, just let me know what you think.

I always have a hard time writing critiques of films on my blog because I don't like to influence people before they've seen a film. But I really want to foster intelligent discussion once you have seen a film. It's a balancing act and I'm not sure how to better facilitate that without causing spoilers and bias.

In the end I'd rather that everyone I know see every movie ever so we can all be able to discuss everything together in one big explosion of blab.
a | Homepage | 09.25.07 - 12:12 pm | #

Totally in concurance about Across the Universe. Pretty but sort of empty somehow...

Beautifully made, but the heart seemed false...Maybe it is a lack of close relationship with the Beatles...I know them and appreciate them, but remain sort of unattached. No disrespect to the great fab four...

However, I think that trying to take any one person or groups entire body of work and trying to sew in a story never really quite lands...It keeps happening here on Broadway...

Jersey Boys works well because the story is of the artists who created the music, and just follows along with where it came in time relevent to the story of its creation.

I digress, Across the Universe seems...kinda like...just a marketing machine... sigh
Anonymous | 09.28.07 - 5:23 pm | #

Who are you, masked commentor?? You are eloquent.

I haven't seen Jersey Boys yet, wasn't really interested because of said jukebox musical shortcomings, but maybe I'll give it another chance.
a | Homepage | 09.28.07 - 5:55 pm | #

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