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It was with surprise and excitement that I happened to stumble upon CDBaby's Top Selling Rock Albums lists and find our albums all over the charts. It seems that The Republic of Heaven is the #2 top selling Sadcore album. ...and i'm the queen of the moon is the #5 top selling Shoegaze album, with Grumpy Ghost at #13 and The Republic of Heaven at #18. That's amazing! ...and i'm the queen of the moon is #20 on the Goth charts as well.

Need a primer on these musical terms? Learn about sadcore/slowcore here. Here's where you enter the beautiful, gauzy world of shoegaze. I shouldn't have to tell you about goth. David and I have consistently argued that our music isn't goth (or shoegaze or whatever) but apparently it is to some. Genres in music are ever-shifting and ultimately meaningless. But it's fun to be on charts, I guess.

We just did a major overhaul of our home studio in the last few days with some organizational help from Ikea. It was a huge task but the studio is now pristine and taut for optimal creative output. Speaking of output: many new songs have been created in the last few days.

What does one do when one's entire creative life, past and future, is on one's computer? Well, one wakes up after a very enlightening conversation with two smart people and realizes that it's absolutely idiotic to not have off-site backup of one's precious files. Backing up onto another drive isn't enough if that drive lives in the same location as your computer. After a couple weeks of sweating and fretting, we finally got our brains together and signed up for the fabulous Mozy. For only $4.95 a month, they offer unlimited online backup storage. Unlimited. That means all your photos, all your movies, all your files, everything that would be devastating if you lost in a fire, flood, hard drive crash, or theft, will be backed up and retrievable forever.

Think about it.


Ahhh, you are not only talented but wise. I was just thinking about backing up my stuff(school, life, ranch records, pictures, etc) today, but did I do it?? Well....I'm afraid to answer because Chuck will read this and chew on me as he's always telling me to backup, backup (especially when I call crying that I lost everything! Yikes!!) Glad for the lead on the site. I just may surprise that brother of mine yet! Congrats on the charts, the trip to Philly, and the YOUNG birthday you just celebrated!
Prairie Momma | Homepage | 09.18.07 - 10:07 pm | #

I don't think you're goth at ALL. Most of it is pretty positive I THINK ANYWAY.
Ashley | 09.19.07 - 9:02 am | #

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