Happiness At The Misfortune Of Others  
For our anniversary last night we went to the Ahmanson and got some $20 "Hot Tix" (which is the best deal in town, you just show up before the show and ask for the Hot Tix, and kaboom, you have a $100 show for $20) to see Avenue Q, which we hadn't seen.

I have to be honest. It wasn't a great night. I don't know what the heck the sound designer was thinking, but we seriously couldn't hear most of the show. The actors were totally drowned out by the music, and this is a very talky show so it's kind of important to hear what's going on. Sitting in the balcony, I lost about 40% of what was being said. We moved down during intermission and it was better but still not great.

I had mixed feelings about the show. I had a nice-ish time. I was determined to laugh and enjoy myself and I did. I liked the "Schadenfreude" song sung by Gary Coleman (you read that right) and the last song "For Now," and the Bad Idea Bears were cute. Generally, though, the "edgy" "comedy" they had promised was more like "maybe this would have been edgy 30 years ago" "tired jokes." I mean, come on. This idea of spoofing Muppets has been done before and much more hilariously. Even by the Henson company!

What I especially don't get is how the audience was just eating it up, thinking it was the most hilarious thing ever. Again, it had its moments, but come on, people, have you NEVER joked about Bert and Ernie's relationship before? "The Internet Is For P*rn" song might have been funny in 1992. "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" was cute, but again, nothing mind-boggling. Challenge me, Broadway! PLEASE! I think that's just my problem, is that I'm constantly expecting so much more from Broadway musicals, and am constantly being let down. Stephen Sondheim has ruined me forever and there have been very few shows that have risen to that level since.

I think I am going to remedy last night by going to see Puppet Up next month.


You know, the show may not have been what you hoped for, but you spent the evening with the love of your life. Aren't you glad that always makes up for a blah show/movie, etc? I'm so happy you added one more notch to your belt. They just keep getting better and better!!!
Prairie Momma | Homepage | 09.28.07 - 9:48 am | #

c'mon, YJC is the best musical EVER!
ch3lk | 09.28.07 - 9:52 am | #

Oh, I totally agree, Cathy. I should have made that more clear. And thank you!!!

YJC is OK, but it needs more work. I just don't BELIEVE young Julius Caesar when he says he prefers eating troll muffins to constable cakes. Where's the authenticity?
a | Homepage | 09.28.07 - 10:40 am | #

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