The Week (and then some) In Pictures

First of all, I got to meet Kieran. He's sweet and little.

Then it was time to bid Chuck farewell with a nice party. We spent our final night with Chuck rolling around and laughing, just how it should be. We miss him already.

Then it was time to go to Fresno for John and Komal's wedding. Here are the O'Connells looking radiant in their Indian garb. Little prince and princess.
Gabriella and Christina begin the morning ritual with tying the Sehra to John's turban.
Shannon symbolically adds kohl to John's eyes.
Daniel and Shannon had a surprise for us: they're pregnant!!!
The Milni involves the family coming to the Gurudwara to greet the bride's family. John just looks incredible.
We were both lucky to get to wear beautiful outfits.The families greet each other.
In the Gurudwara, Paul has the sweetest smile.
John waits for his bride.
The Anand Kaaraj begins (the actual wedding ceremony).
Komal enters, looking like a goddess.
The ceremony involves the tying of scarves together and walking four times around the Guru Granth Sahib. Very slow and beautiful.
The Catholic priest gives a blessing.
Every baby is the cutest baby ever.
Komal's grandfather spoke about marriage.
The couple receive money and blessings from their families.
Afterwards, Langar is served. Yummy, yummy food. The women of Komal's family gathered the Duran ladies and sang to them, welcoming them into the family.
Then we went back to Komal's parents' house for the Doli, which is the sending off of the bride from her family home.
I asked my lil' cousin how he liked the ceremony, and he said, "I liked it but it was a little hard to follow." Six years old. I love this kid.
The family sends the couple off.
Later in the evening, it's time for BIG CRAZY RECEPTION!
Starring Uncle Don!
And Mariachis!
The couple's first dance. You might notice that John has shaved his beard off and Komal is in yet another amazing outfit.
Best part of the night: Komal's cousins did an amazing choreographed dance for the couple. Just so, so wonderful.
Proud parents. The reception featured Indian, Mexican, and Italian food. It was pretty much my and David's idea of heaven.
Christina and Gabriella gave a hilarious, sweet toast.
John dances with Aunt Maria.
Komal dances with her Mom, Dad, and brother.
Soon the whole family is in on the dance. Then it was high energy, fun dancing for hours
The Rowe clan together.
Uncle Don gave the most beautiful toast. It was a tear-jerker. I really want a transcript.Our little John, the youngest child in our generation, is all grown up, married, and a lawyer. We are so proud of him.


beautiful! now i want indian food
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