Almost two years ago, as you all know, David was laid off from his job as a production artist at WB during a massive layoff. It sucked. We were sad. Blah blah blah. David starting freelancing for his old job because they still really needed him. He worked hard. He impressed everyone with his fantastic-ness. They all love him (well DUH). Blah blah blah.

Well, in a wonderful, strange, heart-wrenchingly weird turn of events, someone just left the department and they unanimously decided to hire David back on. Apparently this is somewhat rare. We are amazingly fortunate. So as of Tuesday, David is an official Warner Bros employee again, at his same desk, doing a slightly modified version of his old job. I am in the cubicle next to him, at least for a few more months. It is pretty sweet.

The best part of it is that David is very happy. He loves his job. He loves what he does. That is supercool. I just want to thank our family and friends who cared about us and prayed for us and supported us through the hard times. It was noticed and appreciated.



Yay! Officially YAY! Congratulations David and I am so happy you both.
Mary | 08.16.07 - 1:10 pm | #

Make that "happy FOR you both"
Mary | 08.16.07 - 1:11 pm | #


You are working at a studio.

Your sweetheart gets hired back at studio.

And you're so close that you can pass love notes to each other?

In L.A.?

Count your blessings on this fine day, my love!
shawn jackson | 08.16.07 - 1:17 pm | #

Yeah!!!!!!Yeah!!!Yeah!!!! We are so happy for David. Well deserved. We love you and will see you soon
Aunt Maria | 08.16.07 - 7:43 pm | #

Congrats to you David!(and Adriana!!)
We can't wait to see you.
Christina | 08.16.07 - 8:12 pm | #

Fantastico Magico for both of Yo!
tifanie | 08.16.07 - 11:41 pm | #

Yay!! This is so great!
Mimi | 08.17.07 - 7:58 am | #

Wow! That's great. It feels so good when things take a wonderful turn and the universe smiles upon you.
Lisa | 08.17.07 - 10:05 am | #

xixi | Homepage | 08.17.07 - 7:37 pm | #

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