In My Dream

I think it's me, David, Gabe, and Tifanie. We are searching for horcruxes to destroy. We come to an old school. It is decrepit, gray and dark, with a thick layer of dust over everything. Flashes of children running dressed in white uniforms in the hallways. There is a giant center room with a tall, tall bookshelf. Above it is a soiled mattress. We climb up and pull the mattress back to reveal a giant painting of a woman's head. In her eyes is the horcrux. Somehow we destroy it, and the fragments scatter throughout the hall. It is a group effort.

The final horcrux is in a room that I know only I can go in. I have to do this one alone. There is gravity behind the door, a sort of black hole. I know that what the room holds is the physical manifestation of my Worst Fear. I step in and whisper "Accio Horcrux?" just in case but nothing happens. There is about six inches of dust on the floor, and seven crystalline spheres at various points in the room. They begin to glow as a green slime monster starts to grow out of the floor. It is tentacled and grasping, the center a gaping mouth that I know I must enter. I become afraid and attempt to leave the room, and as I do it breaks the doors down to come after me.

I realize that I've exposed this danger to everyone else. To my friends, to the children. I must go back and fight this alone. I know then what my greatest fear is. It is the existence of Hell, and that my Mom is there, that that is where she went when she died. I must go to Hell and face it. I must enter the beast through his horrible mouth. This is my horcrux. I walk into its mouth.

Amazingly, I don't remember what happened next. I just know I was then out in the hall again, with the horcrux, which looked like several of these linked together:Gabe had it hovering with his wand in the air, and somehow with the help of all of us together, we destroyed it.

There was an elevator in the building, and David and I stepped into it. The buttons read: ƒ, 2, 3, and r. Before I can stop him, David presses the r and the ƒ and suddenly we are rocketing up like we're in the great glass elevator, speeding uncontrollably and then doing a 360 degree flip. The elevator then lurches right and we speed out and away from the school and end up stopping in a land where everything is at 50% scale. The inhabitants of this land look like this:They are all antiquey dolls who are alive. One comes up to me and tells me that we are the only ones to visit their land since David Lynch. I think maybe the doll told me that Lynch created them. A sweetness mixed with terrible unease realizing we are trapped there in doll land with no way back. The elevator is gone. Only a toy train remains, which runs on a continuous loop through the village.


Ashley | 08.24.07 - 6:21 am | #

Holy Heaviness, Batwoman! That dream has alot of levels. I'm glad we could destroy the evilnesses together. And REALLY glad you did not take me with yout to the scary doll place. Wow.
tifanie | 08.25.07 - 9:04 am | #

My God!
It's a veritable hodgepodge of epic children's lit. How THRILLING!
My heart is still racing a bit!
Were you in fear of the dolls, or were you relieved to be away from the hell beast?
Adam | 08.27.07 - 7:38 am | #

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