I just had lunch with Beth and Zoe, her adorable new baby. Like, just an hour ago we said goodbye. I already have the pictures to prove it. THAT'S the age we live in.

Cutest baby evah. She has so much hair, it's nuts. Everyone in the restaurant loved her. Beth and I sat and talked for two hours and Zoe barely uttered a peep. She's the mellowest, coolest, funniest baby I've ever met. I truly think this, she is hilarious. I'm not sure how I know that but I can just tell. She has this awesome Bumbo thing that she sits in that is so flippin cute.

Her Mom is pretty rad, too, and radiant. I have pics but they're on my phone. I am so lucky to have such friends. I love you all.


Oh my gosh. That is one cute baby. She kind of reminds me of how Isabel looked when she was a baby. All that hair! Not the mellow part, though. That definitely doesn't remind me of Isabel.
Lisa | 08.15.07 - 9:28 am | #

I agree she is hilarious. And wise, to boot.
tifanie | 08.16.07 - 11:40 pm | #

OK, first of all, what an awesome post! Very sweet comments, and I am the lucky one my friend.
Also, yes, I think Zoe is funny and cute too, I mean, come on....I had better think that.
Beth Lulu | 08.17.07 - 12:05 pm | #

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