Happy 0th Birthday, Kieran!!

My friends Pam and Kevin have a new baby boy today. Welcome to the world, little one! 7 is a good number. All the cool kids are born on the 7th of something.

Short update: I did a reading last night of several short plays at the Celebration Theatre and that was quite fun. We are now in rehearsal for Acts Of Sedition. We saw The Simpsons Movie. Chuck's moving day approaches. I'm reading A Confederacy Of Dunces. I like Trader Joe's Strawberry Yogurt O's, even though academically they are quite gross. John's getting married soon. I went to a birthday party and laughed a lot on Saturday. Stardust opens on Friday. Ummm...and stuff.


I assume you read Neil Gaiman's blog? I am excited to see Stardust. He was on Attack of the Show on Thurdsday at comic con - not only did I not go down there until FRIDAY, but all of my sandman books and coraline are in storage in NYC -- so i couldn't even get vinny to get him to sign them. WA POOR ME.
xixi | Homepage | 08.08.07 - 1:22 pm | #

It was wonderful to see your beautiful personage at the theatre on Monday night Ms. Roze

David Tarlow | 08.10.07 - 7:17 am | #

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