After a month and a half break, my acting class went back in session this Saturday. It's back to the deep emotional coal mines. Apparently, there's quite a bit of stuff down there. I mine and I mine and I mine and I still haven't come out on the other side. I'm starting to think there is no other side. Bizarro AdrianaLand would be a weird place to be.

We had a great Saturday night with the Merry Makers making fools of ourselves with Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, Lord Of The Rings Trivial Pursuit, and Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. Mainly it was fun watching Tifanie's eyes bulge out at us as the facts about Denethor and Captain Antilles kept pouring out. I tried to point out that Shawn once beat us at SWTP having never seen the films, but I don't think that seemed to help. The principals of Joseph Campbell were of no use when trying to remember the name of the star cruiser that intercepted the Millenium Falcon.

Yesterday we had an amazing trip to Little India here in Artesia. We got stuff for the wedding and ate a magical buffet that made us really, really trippy happy. I love that you can find these pockets all over this city of different cultures that essentially are full immersion in another country.

Some cool coming news soon.


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