This weekend was sort of a whirl of mixed emotions. I had one of those quintessential Disheartening Actor Moments that are the metaphorical bat to the knees in this business. But I'm getting up from it, as I always have, because actors are a strange and tough sort who seem to have such strong tunnel vision that no amount of pummeling will stop them. That is, until the pummeling finally stops them.

I was cheered by seeing the fantastic Ratatouille on Saturday night, for which I was very grateful. It was just the right thing at the right time. It was really a beautiful work of art and, to me, Pixar's finest film to date. I'm sure people will want to fight with me on that one, but that's just how I felt. It was lovely. It was nice to be reminded that somehow, somewhere in this business, Art somehow makes it through sometimes. I actually felt choked up in several moments, the way I might when looking at a beautiful painting. I highly recommend seeing it in digital if possible, as it really made everything so crisp and perfect. Ahhh, animation.

We also saw Harry Potter, which was also truly great, and seems to just get better and better as it goes along. Thank you to everyone who saw it and made our paychecks at WB safe for another year. And while I'm not an insane Potterite like many, I am looking forward to the final book coming out this week. Our main goal is to avoid any and all spoilers in the press for the next month until we've gotten it read. It's probably not possible, but we're going to try. Shut up, all you crazies!

Yesterday, I got to spend a beautiful afternoon with my faery godchild and her parents who are expecting a baby in only a few weeks. So that was nice. ALSO: I was given my very own talisman, by someone who cared enough to see I needed one. So that was very, very sweet.

Summer film recap to date:
Street Musicians, Pirates, Rats, Wizards, Apatow, HMOs = yes
Ogre Babies, Robots in Disguise = no

The yeses are winning. That's surprisingly awesome.

Most horrifically bad-looking trailers trailers for dreck:
Evan Almighty, Underdog (good god, y'all), Daddy Day Camp, Bratz


Yes, Ratatouille has replaced Nemo as my favorite Pixar film to date. The beauty is in the details, and this film has details in every frame. And Pixar is producing the most impressive voice acting of any studio. Collette just won my heart, and Skinner's "acting" was worthy of an award or two.
Pixar seems to have a very passionate intent on discovering how things work, how characters emote, how environment is in itself a character, and applying technology to give those ideas the illusion of life. As a serious lover of animation, and one who has had a hard time accepting the death of traditional animation from the major studios, this film has helped in changing my views. Pixar is a simply as studio with real class.
shawn jackson | 07.16.07 - 7:03 pm | #

Also, did you see the end tag at the final credits? It read:

“Our Quality Assurance Guarantee: 100% Genuine Animation! No motion capture or any other performance shortcuts were used in the production of this film.”

I heart Pixar.
shawn jackson | 07.16.07 - 7:09 pm | #

Yes, we saw that tag! That was fantastic, and actually was quite shocking considering the acting coming out of Skinner especially. HOW DO YOU ANIMATE THAT KIND OF PERFORMANCE?
a | Homepage | 07.17.07 - 9:25 am | #

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