The shoot for Space Hospital was fantastic. I had so much fun, and got to work with people whom I admire and who cracked me up nonstop. We shot several webisodes, and it will probably be several months before you can see any of the finished product, but I will post as soon as I know. I have pictures but will refrain from posting them until the show goes up. In the meantime, imagine me as a caustic nurse dating an alien shaped like a human brain sitting in a bowl, basting in its own cerebral fluids. Yum!

On Saturday night we got to see our friends from NYC, Kaiser Cartel, play at Hotel Cafe. They were so good, and we left on a fluffy cloud of sweet melodies. We then went to see the film Sicko. Oh my goodness, friends, this is a VERY important film. Please try to see it as soon as you can. I don't think I fully understood the enormity of America's healthcare and HMO crisis until seeing this film. Apparently Blue Cross was so spooked by the film that they recently put out an internal memo acknowledging "you would have to be dead to be unaffected by Moore's movie." I agree. Considering they have reported record profits in this last year, they have a lot to worry about and answer for. I still want to believe that changes can be made from the inside, that Americans can unite and rise up and save our ailing country. I don't want to think any American should need to move to Canada or France to get the quality of life we all deserve. The first step is knowledge, so go see this film and do your own research and vote for those who will make national healthcare a reality.

So, yesterday was our big film shoot for "Hugs To The Roof," a spoof charity song that plays during a multimedia portion of Acts of Sedition, the play that my friends and I have written that we will be performing at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in September. We had about fifteen people at our apartment, where David recorded the faux charity song (written hilariously by Tifanie), and then the brilliant Mary shot the music video. Here are a few pics, taken by Mikey Holmes:
Victoria as Cyndi Lauper

Me with wig cap, preparing to become Cher.

MC Saltine, a.k.a. Shawn Jackson

Lovely ladies singing

Mary on the prowl for the perfect shot

Mikey as Rusty Chestwick

Bryan as Dustin Shimmerlack

DJ Chuck

No pics yet of the actual shoot but I'm sure I'll have some soon. I've been busy, you see!


Ashley | 07.09.07 - 11:58 pm | #

Let me just take a moment here to say the rap breakdown was written hilariously by onr Miss Adriana.

Thank you so much for everything, sweet friend...
tifanie | 07.10.07 - 9:18 pm | #

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