I'm home with a cold, and besides doing a lot of Harry Potter reading (because I'M SICK and I have the RIGHT and I'm not at COMIC CON, DAMN YOU!), I thought I'd post those pics I promised.

A few weeks ago, we got to see our friend Ben perform at the Hotel Cafe. Ben and David are the sweetest buddies.

David Roze, first class birthday boy

Birthday Key Lime Pie

Calling for Cthulu? I think it worked. There are apparently giant squid attacking the ocean in the LA area.

Birthday girl, radiant

David caught this one of me in the ocean. Fantastic.

Infraction in action

Our Fortress Of Picnic

More than meets the eye


OK, this place can be really magical sometimes.

Look how high my kite was!

Husband at the end of a long beach day. In the background we have the God Bless America American Flag Beach Towel, purchased at nearby shoppe. My favorite quote of the day was Aaron: "THIS FLAG ISN'T TO SCALE!"


Wow. Wow. Those pictures are priceless. Or worth at least $80, at the very least.
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