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Today is my love's birthday.

Do you want to know how lucky I am? I am currently at work, in a cubicle, and do you want to know who is in the cubicle next to me? MY HUSBAND. We are working together. How awesome is that? It's pretty much the most awesomest thing ever, as far as work goes.

We brought Scary Clown Cookies to work to celebrate D's birthday.

I have sent David on a clue-driven treasure hunt for his gifts. So far, he's only found one. Heh, heh, heh.

I just want to take this moment to thank the Universe (and Ma and Pa) for the best person I've ever known. I am eternally grateful.


I'm glad you are in a happy work environment! And, we are happy to have helped the Universe for you!
Love, Ma & Pa
Ma | 07.19.07 - 3:27 pm | #

A treasure hunt sounds so fun! I always want to do stuff like that but lack the preplanning to carry it out. I have my annual gift for David up now.
Lisa | 07.19.07 - 6:09 pm | #

The kids in Albuquerque love you guys and are wishing David many happy returns of the day!!!! I donut know what it means but it is from Winnie the Pooh.

--Ashley Joel & Casey
ashley | 07.20.07 - 8:28 am | #

Brandon wishes David a very Happy Birthday.
shawn jackson | 07.20.07 - 2:45 pm | #

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