Annoyingly (and somewhat unavoidably), this stupid cold I have jumped over to David, and we lost the weekend to it. We even had to cancel plans to attend one of David's birthday presents, which was tickets to see Tears For Fears down in Costa Mesa (it was a long, long drive and would be outdoors and David literally was lying like a slug on the floor last night). My Dad was supposed to visit this week and he canceled his trip. It turned out it was probably good that he did, because we mainly sat around with glazed looks in our eyes. At least we got to spend some good quality time with Chuck, who is soon to leave our land. That will be a sad, sad day and in the meantime I'm trying to pretend it's not happening.

Somehow, though, in the midst of that, we managed to start writing a song for a musical we're contributing to. It is really quite lovely, and David was doing awfully perty stuff to it. So take THAT, cold!


Hope you're feeling much better! By the way, the new Harry Potter book took me less than a day to finish. I got nothing else accomplished, but I finished it and I make absolutely no apologies!

My best to your hubby.
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