UPDATE: Los Feliz and Griffith Park are ON FIRE!

It started this afternoon, when I was returning from one of the most horrendous dental experiences EVER (2 hours of drilling, y'all, I'm not kidding) and saw THIS:

That's the view from our roof. The fire was just creeping over the hills of Griffith Park at that point. The zoo and the carousel area were evacuated, and now all of the park is closed.

Apparently, the fire got worse as the night came. As of this writing, the fire is only 30% contained. It's hard to get a good picture of what's going on in the dark here but the whole sky is lit up with flames.

I will update in the morning. Hopefully all will be well. Much of the problem is we're in a heavy drought and the hillsides haven't burned in 40 years and it's just a tinder box.

BONUS UPDATE: After much angst, drama, and trusting the Universe, my notebook is BACK in my hands, and from what I can tell, completely unmolested. HUZZAH FOR THE SHOPKEEP!!


traffic was at a standstill last night - more so than usual because you could see the flames above hollywood...
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